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“The Order of Gaps…” by M. Gürdal Çıngı


Once upon a time, humanity lived in an order where inequality, injustice and deceit were unknown. The products that enabled the development of the lineage were jointly obtained, produced and shared. This order was the blood brotherhood order. That is why humanity in this period the named this order “Golden Age”.

As time went by, this system was disrupted due to the development of production with the experiences that humanity gained as a result of the exchanges with nature over millions of years and due to the process of exchange of over-products. Intermediaries got in between producers and consumers. And these intermediaries developed as the Usurer-Dealer Capital Class. The society of equal blood brotherhood – primitive socialist society transformed into the class society.

And with this transformation, the oppressor and oppressed, exploiter and exploited classes emerged. Social inequalities started and grew gradually.

And with each passing year, the inequalities and injustices between classes and popular strata have enlarged. The tyrants are not satisfied with the persecution they practiced. Every day they smash and exploit the lower classes and popular strata in the most vile, inhumane way in order to get more and more profit…

Approximately for 120-130 years, we have been living in the age of imperialism, the last class society stage of capitalism (which emerged in the 1600s). And imperialism has run inequalities in society over to extraordinary levels. Several hundred Finance-Capital groups at worldwide level, several hundred families have become the ruler of the whole world. They’re calling the tune in all over the world. Their wishes and orders are fulfilled. Humanity suffers greatly as a result of their ambitions for more exploitation and more profit. Millions, billions of people are in the position of servants and slaves so that their ignoble order can continue.

And the gaps between classes can no longer be bridged in this order. Contrariwise, it constantly increases. Although it may seem like efforts are being made in this direction, they are nothing other than pulling the wool over our eyes. Thereagainst, the gap is widening with each passing day.

For example, the coronavirus pandemic period in which we are living desperately with tied hands has further deepened this gap.

During the pandemic period, 147.969.068 people were infected with coronavirus in the last 1,5 years (as of May 3). 3.123.483 of them lost their lives… Tens of millions of them are currently staying at home or in hospitals.

With the efforts of scientists, vaccines have been produced against this abominable virus since the last months of 2020. Turkish scientists living in Germany Uğur Şahin and Özlem Türeci were among the scientists who first made the vaccine applicable. In the same period, Russian and Chinese scientists also produced the vaccine. Of course they did a great and positive job. They have been a remedy for humanity. And so people became hopeful and excited. The pandemic would first be brought under control and then finished.

But unfortunately none of these happened. Even the vaccine did-could do nothing but widen the inequality in this damned system of exploitation.

As we said, the fact that the vaccine had been found and produced didn’t supply people with equal access to the vaccine. The great western imperialist states, USA, Britain, Germany, Israel and Japan both received hundreds of millions of doses of vaccines and made agreements with producing companies to buy vaccines to be produced.

What did that mean?

It meant the increase in the profits of the companies producing the vaccine by billions of dollars…

For example, the Uğur-Özlem couple, who produced the BioNTech vaccine, became dollar billionaires thanks to this vaccine.

It is calculated that the companies producing Moderna and Pfizer vaccines in the USA will make a profit of 30-40 billion dollars from only the vaccine. Similarly, other producer Finance-Capital companies (AstraZeneca, Johnson&Johnson, Sputnik V, Sinovac etc…) will earn tens of billions of dollars in profits from vaccines.

Despite this, the vast majority of these vaccines have been reserved by the US and EU Imperialists, as we said above.

There are countries that didn’t / haven’t been able to vaccinate even a single citizen. However, Israel, Britain, China, the USA (with an increasing rate) and some other countries have reached the rate of up to 60 percent of their population in vaccination.

According to the figures announced by the World Health Organization (WHO); 76 percent of the vaccine was received by ten countries.

In other words, only 24 percent of the vaccine was acquired by the remaining 198 countries.

Could there be a bigger gap than this one?..

You ask what happens as a result?

“Two different scenes in the pandemic: Concert on one side, oxygen shortage on the other

“As efforts to lift restrictions against coronavirus in the West accelerated, developing countries such as India have become among the countries where the pandemic has the worst course. England organized concert events without masks and without social distances for “trial” purposes last weekend. In India, on the other hand, there is a shortage of medical oxygen.” ( oksjen-kitligi)

In other words, hundreds and thousands of people are dying in India due to the medical oxygen shortage.

In other countries, hospitals can no longer carry the burden of patients and health systems are collapsing.

Could there be a bigger gap than this one?..

Again in the USA, where they received the vast majority of vaccines, hundreds of thousands (more than 570 thousand) people died as a result of this pandemic. Because they also didn’t provide the necessary medical support to people of other races, to Black People, Latinos etc. except for a handful of Whites.

Because they don’t have health insurance!

What kind of humanity is this? What kind of conscience is this? What kind of moral is this?

Let’s not seek these values in vain in the states under the dominance of Finance-Capitalists.

Because, none of these values exists in the big western imperialist states.

More and more profits… This is what they always seek for.

This is the only thing they believe. They worship no god but the god of money and they only believe in it. They just preach to oppressed peoples.

And these Imperialist Drug Monopolies (the number of which is a handful) have patents and licenses of vaccines as a result of laws and prohibitions they impose on their states and don’t share them with other countries. They keep vaccine production under their monopoly…

Again in this period, dollar billionaires have added tens of billions of dollars to their tens of billions of dollars and reached a fortune of hundreds of billions of dollars:


Coronavirus pandemic increases billionaires’ wealth by $ 4 trillion

According to a study, the richest 20 billionaires earned another $ 742 billion, up 68 percent.

Saturday 3 April 2021

Although the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic negatively affected the global economy, it also increased the wealth of some billionaires.

In a study, it was stated that the fortunes of billionaires increased by 4 trillion dollars during the pandemic.

According to the report of the “Business Insider” website, in the report of the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) covering March 18, 2020 – 18 March 2021, when the epidemic spread rapidly, it was stated that 2365 billionaires added 4 trillion dollars to their fortunes with an increase of 54 percent.

The report also noted that the richest 20 billionaires earned another $ 742 billion, an increase of 68 percent.

In the report published by the UK-based international aid organization Oxfam at the beginning of 2021, it was stated that approximately $ 3.9 trillion was added to the income of billionaires.

In the report, it was stated that with this money, it was possible to ensure that no one was impoverished due to the virus in the world and that enough vaccines could be purchased for everyone.

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What did the oppressed and exploited peoples face while the rich added wealth to their wealth and profit to their profits?

Let alone the undeveloped countries, what is the situation in the USA, the Kaaba of Imperialism, in terms of workers and laborers and their children?

The news of Mustafa Birol Güger from the Cumhuriyet on this issue dated May 2 is as follows:


Here’s the American dream: The elites who get rich in every crisis, millions of hungry children

The top 100 richest Americans have added $ 461 billion to their fortunes since Biden was elected president. In the same period, it was reported that between 7 and 12 million children couldn’t be fed enough.

Since Joe Biden took office, the total wealth of the 100 richest Americans has increased by $ 195 billion, according to Bloomberg. Considering the period from November 4, when he was elected until today, this figure has risen to $ 461 billion.

But don’t be fooled by this, as it only accounts for 20 percent of the cash stock added by the richest 100 Americans to their wealth from January 20, 2017, when Trump took office, until the 2020 elections. This figure reaches $ 860 billion (approximately 7 trillion 128 billion TL).

Technology and e-commerce giants such as Amazon and Facebook were the companies that made the most profit during the peak days of the epidemic. According to a report by the US-based Institute of Policy Studies, the total wealth of American billionaires has increased by 55 percent in the last 13 months to $ 4.56 trillion (37 trillion 795 billion TL).

US President Joe Biden had promised to increase the tax share of high-income groups during the election campaign, and the increase he mentioned has not yet become reality.


On the other hand, Americans, especially from the lower classes, didn’t achieve as much success as billionaires during the epidemic.

Let’s take a look at the data on, which publishes statistics on global inequality:

  • Over 73 million Americans lost their jobs between March 21 and December 26, 2020
  • Approximately 100 thousand businesses were permanently closed in the same period
  • 12 million workers lost health insurance provided by employers as of August 26, 2020
  • Approximately 29 million adults reported insufficient food in their households between 9-21 December
  • Between 25 November and December, it was reported that 7 to 12 million children living in the USA could not be fed enough.

According to the available data; Low-wage workers, non-white Americans, and women disproportionately became the biggest losers in the epidemic. It is important to remember that the overwhelming majority of billionaires are also white Americans.”



As we can see, these are the hard truths.

Asking the situation is for the peoples in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East?

In one word: disaster

The situation in our country is not heartwarming, as we know. Small businesses, tradesmen had to close their businesses permanently. Their employees became unemployed. Restaurants, coffee shops, cafes, hairdressers, etc. tradesmen-tradeswomen had to remove their workers because their workplaces were closed. Likewise, the situation in tourism sector is a disaster…

Hundreds of thousands of our people became unemployed. Hundreds of thousands are given Short Work Allowance, moreover, this is from their own funds (Unemployment Fund). They can’t even get half of their salaries… In other words, the coronavirus has widened the gap in our country, as in the whole capitalist world.

We live in the order of the gaps, in the world of the gaps because of a handful of moneybags. They ride the crest of the world. They live in paradise in this world. Billions of people who are oppressed and exploited, on the other hand, suffer enormously. They are living in the hell described in the sacred books, in this world.

But as we always say: Until when, until where?

Because 104 years ago: The ice was broken, the road was opened!

Humanity has passed from the Primitive Classless Society stage, where they lived for 1 million 700 thousand years, to the Class Society stage where they have lived for the last 6500 years. And the way out of this Class Society stage was shown by the Great October Revolution:

“We have made the start. When, at what date and time, and the proletarians of which nation will complete this process is not important. The important thing is that the ice has been broken; the road is open, the way has been shown,” said Lenin 104 years ago…

Yes, humanity will experience the “Golden Age” once again and this time forever. But now it will live as Modern Socialism.

Class and social inequalities in that society will be abolished. A handful of people won’t be allowed to oppress, exploit, rob, or persecute the others.

There will be no gaps anymore and everyone will benefit from the wealth produced by the society according to their needs.

Those days to come. Surely come!


This article was translated by Boran Alp.